We won the primary election! Forward to November 5!

On August 27, 2019, history was made.

The people did what some would have considered impossible, even with all of the obstacles placed on us by the ruling class.

The reparations “Uhuru candidate” pushed forward into the general election, despite the fact that the status quo pulled out all of the stops to keep this election underground, despite the fact that the ruling class of St. Pete, big developers from out of town, poured tens of thousands of dollars into the incumbent’s account, to ensure that they could keep yet another person on the city council that will work in their interests.

What we witnessed on this stated day, is a growing social movement for reparations in this city saying “the days of old are done!”

The black community and all justice loving people in this city are gearing up for the fight of our lives; the fight for our future.

I am deeply inspired and motivated by this incredible support, this movement, all of the voters who believe in this vision, who are willing to struggle for this vision!

We are excited to take this message city-wide, to win support for the demand for reparations and the anti-gentrification slogan of “Make the Southside Black Again!”

History will be made again come November 5, 2019.

Vote Eritha Akilé Cainion for District 7 city council!