I need your support

My name is Eritha Akilé Cainion, and with your support, I will be the next District 7 City Councilwoman of St. Petersburg, Florida.

I ran for public office in 2017 on a bold platform of reparations to the black community, back when it was deemed unpopular to do so. Now reparations is being discussed in the mainstream by presidential candidates, understanding that it’s going to take reparations to combat the economic disparities plaguing the black community today!

This is an indication that this is our time. The world is ready for a genuinely progressive agenda centering reparations to the black community as the starting point. Our city can be the first reparations city in the U.S.—kicking off the necessary changes that the people wish to see in this country.
It’s going to take your support, especially your donations! We are the people’s campaign, which means we are not backed by big developers, gentrifiers and the like. We are unbought and funded by you! I’m calling on all of you to make a contribution today.

Any amount towards our palm cards, posters, t-shirts, yard signs and more, will be greatly appreciated.

Support this platform! Support this positive vision of the future—making justice to the black community the primary point for a genuinely progressive city, no one at the expense of anybody else.

Read my entire platform, join the campaign, or donate on this website, VoteAkile.com.

The elections are Tuesday, August 27th.

Make the Southside Black Again!
Unity through Reparations!

Thank you!